#StandUpForTheSisterhood-Rosy Singh

Have you faced any gender bias at home or in the work place?

Have been very lucky and blessed to be born in my family. Being just two daughters, we never ever knew there existed gender discrimination or a biased attitude. At work too, as it is a 50/50 partnership between my husband and me, there is no question.

Is there anything that you think you can’t speak off openly, just because you’re a woman?

Thanks to a loving childhood I have not even thought of this.

What is the one thing you think a woman can do but a man shouldn’t? If there was a her for him campaign would you stand up for men’s rights and support parity?

I truly believe we need to respect humans first. The day we rise above castes, religions and colour, we will start respecting men, women and transgenders alike. I would definitely want to stand up for men’s, women’s and transgender’s rights. 


Rosy Singh is a partner at Twilite Products (India). She lives in Nasik and is the mother of two.