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Rosy Singh is a successful, 50 year old business woman who lives in Nasik, Maharashtra.  A mother of two, she’s also a partner at Twilite Products (India).  

    What are your views on Feminism?

 I believe there is space for everyone on this earth- males, females, trans genders and for all ages. Why then do we need feminism or to carve out a place or want to be treated as equal unless you think we are not? Which I clearly dont…..Live and let live. We are all equal and have our own roles to play so why this feminism? Females are people with their own mind just like any other gender.

   If you had to form a code of conduct for women what would it entail?

  The only code of conduct we all need to follow is Humanity. We need to respect and value each person- of all genders of all ages.

 A woman you admire?

Living in Maharashtra, we have mostly female workers in the factory. I respect each of them who work, earn, support or help the finances of the family, look after the children, parents, in- laws and still have a smile. 


The Feminine Code By Rosy Singh.

The Feminine Code By Rosy Singh.



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