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About The Project“I come across people from all walks of life. People who are different from me because of their upbringing, their social status, their religious identities and their sexual preferences.
In each person I encounter, I find a piece of myself- a reflection of my inner self: sometimes pleasant, at times dark and unwanted; things I either embrace or reject.
I believe this to be true of most people – More often than not, what we like in another is either what we are or who we aspire to be. And what we detest in another, is also either what we are or what we fear!
This project is about such encounters. Some of these people are just like me. Therefore, a lot of them are young (or not so young) Urban Indian Women with varying religious identities and sexual preferences. The others are not: their gender and lives are dramatically different from mine. But across the spectrum there has been something about each person’s story that has intrigued me and moved me.
The purpose of the project is to build a scrapbook of inspiration: a journal that records this time in which these people live; a mapping of the journey of their lives and mine, which has led me as well as them, to this moment in time. It’s about my all the places I wander to and the city in which I live. The people who inhabit these spaces- their lives, their thoughts, their causes and everything in between. An archive for the future being created in the present moment.” Saadiya Kochar.

Saadiya Kochar

Saadiya Kochar-Founder

About The FounderSaadiya Kochar is a New Delhi based photographer. The female energy has been an underlying theme of her photographs, starting from her debut book, ‘Being…..'(2004). Since 2007, the photographer has continually travelled to Kashmir, where she works on various projects. Loss(2012), her debut film, was about the suffering of the Kashmiri Muslims, as well, as the Kashmiri Pandits.

Some of the important shows she has been a part of are-  ‘Dialogo con la piel’;a show featuring the works of various female photographers in San Sebastian, Spain, Photography Now-Muller & Plate- Germany, FOD at Conde Duque- Madrid, Focus Festival Mumbai at the Jehangir art Gallery, Participants exhibition at Goethe-Institut,The  India Art Summit, ‘Click!’-Vadehra Art Gallery- New Delhi and Grosvenor  Gallery, London, Forms of Devotion-China art Museum- Shanghai, India Art Fair. Apart from the various exhibits Saadiya has had four solo shows-Being (’04)-New Delhi, Zikr ( ’06) -The Attic (New Delhi), Zikr(2008)- at Apparao Galleries, Chennai and Loss….’ at Wonderwall, New Delhi. Some of the publications that have featured her works are- The Wall Art Magazine, Forms of Devotion published by Niyogi Books, Yoga Chakra published by Sangeet Natak Akademi, ‘Click’ published by Vadehra as well as the ‘Faces of Partnership’ which was published by the Australian High Commission.
 The duality of existence is what she attempts to portray through her work.

This blog is maintained by Studio One Eleven Media Publishing, which is a photography firm based in Noida. All views expressed on this blog, are the founder’s personal opinions.