Happy Birthday

”Nafas na anjuman-e arzoo se baahir khainch:
Agarr sharaab naheen intezaar-e saghar khainch.” Ghalib


You departed from the tavern of life in haste…I guess all that I can do now is wait.

You were the adhesive that held all the broken pieces of me together. Now I’m just splattered all over the floor. You were my Achilles’ heel even when you were alive…now that you’re not there what should I say?

The world is a harsh place my love…it’s eyes are too cold and it’s tongue too bitter. It won’t even spare the memory of you!

I’m lost and splattered with nothing that holds me together. Forgive me, if I don’t speak of you again. For now I will take all 100 pieces of me and sweep them into a corner…never to be seen and never to be touched.

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