Eid in Kashmir


Day 5-Jumma

‘Ma’am how do you parents support your decision, to go to Kashmir, right now?’, asks one of the students. ‘Forty darling, I am forty!’ I reply. But I have been saying that ever since I was eighteen and of course one couldn’t have told a class full of impressionable twenty year olds that in my younger years, I would be bashed up and locked up, for my rebellion. They’ve sloooooowllly resigned after trying really hard to discipline me.

Mum, who would actually feel bad, if something was to happen to me, doesn’t say much. She knows me so she knows, I always do what I think, needs to be done. ‘ I love you’, she tells me as I leave. I’m glad she doesn’t realise the enormity of the situation. The Father, reacts as he usually does, with sarcasm, yelling and abusing. ‘Tumhare jessa baccha hone se accha, na hona!’ This helps me more than he realises- pricks my ego, doesn’t make me miss home and I end up taking it all out on any man with authority.

The ex assistant worries, as does my dad’s driver. Don’t fight with anyone, please don’t fight with anyone, they plead with me. My intolerance for bs, is well known but somehow I will try, to keep a lid on it. Somehow!

Kashmir Update

The people of Kargil are protesting the move to turn Ladakh into a UT

Ladakhi student at the stand with Jammu and Kashmir, protest yesterday.



Brinda Karat at the protest against the abolition of Article 370.

Shehla Rashid Shora at the same protest, giving an interview to the press.


On the fourth day of the Kashmir lockdown, Ghulam Nabi Azad was stopped at Srinagar Airport and sent back. Prime minister Modi , reassured people in his address to the nation that the Union territory status, is temporary and the locals would be allowed to celebrate Eid. Kashmiris remain cut off from each other, as well as the rest of the world. News of hundreds injured and six dead, somehow manages to reach the mainstream media. A number of separatists are said to have been shifted out of the Valley, while Kashmiri diaspora organises protests in London and Germany. Nitasha Kaul, an eminent Pandit, speaks to the international media against the abrogation of Provisions of article 370. Kashmir is said to be the most dangerous place in the world at the moment and tomorrow I will be stepping into it. I’m assuming this is my last post, till, (if) I return. Godspeed.